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togo post

"Togo Post"

Tammari house

"Tammari house"


I visited the  Batammariba people who live within the Koutammakou landscape in north-eastern Togo, which extends into neighbouring Benin. The Batammariba people are well known in Togo for their homes built of mud {Takienta}. The houses reflect the relationship between traditional belief systems and the natural landscape.

 Koutammakou is the name of a large semi-mountainous region located in north-eastern Togo and which extends into neighbouring Benin. Sharing a 15KM stretch of border with Benin to the East, the Batammariba people are well known through out Togo for the houses that are built out of mud. The Takienta {mud houses} are self contained living enviroments. They contain a compound for gatherings, graineries, and worshiping sites. The houses also are biult to provied protection from any would be invaders. Small holes that are part of the exterior walls allow for the  Batammariba people to defend themselves by way of arrows while being protected by the walls .

fetish trinkets

"Fetish Bones hanging inside of a room in the .Tammari house."

Nature underlies the  Batammariba culture. Everday life is based on their beleif system, the harmoney between people and nature. As it was explained to me that the Batammariba pay respect to their ancestors with offerings to the Fetish Posts that are found both in and on the outside of their homes.


"A Batammariba family from the Koutammakou region in Togo."


"Worshiping site for the Batammariba."


" Tammari mud home, with people to put the size in perspective."